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Compiled January 1997



            As the Nauvoo era of LDS Church History came to a close in 1846 four brothers, sons of Sylvanus and Lydia Guitteau Brimhall of Galesburg, Illinois came west with the saints.  All but one of the four, Noah, had joined the LDS Church.  Noah was later baptized at Winter Quarters, Nebraska while helping to build shelter to house the saints there.  Five other siblings stayed in Galesburg.  These four brothers who came west were named George Washington Brimhall, John Brimhall, Norman Brimhall and Noah Brimhall.  All but one of the four lived out their lives in Utah.  Noah was sent to Arizona, with his family, in 1877 by Brigham Young to colonize and be a missionary to the Indians.  He lived in Arizona for the rest of his life and is buried in the Mesa Arizona Cemetery. 

            This work is a compilation of letters of the siblings of this generation of Brimhalls, including some of siblings who did not come west or become Mormons.  There is much contained in these letters of their faith, conflict, triumphs, failures, the environment in which they lived and of growing old.  Of interest are the first words of the first letter, "No smallpox -- don't be afraid!" which was written over a century ago.  Noah was obviously letting his older brother, George Washington Brimhall, know that the letter was not contaminated with smallpox.

            If you have in your possession letters or photographs from this generation of Brimhalls not found in this volume, please send us a copy and we will be glad to include them.

            These letters lightened with age and some have become very difficult to read.  The copies in this compilation were made from the originals and were copied with as much dark contrast as possible in order to highlight the lightened areas.


Richard and LaPriel Brimhall

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1852 - 1890


Compiled January 1997







Dear Brother and Sisters:                                                                   McHenry, August 18, 1843


            With a trembling hand and heavy heart I now take my pen in order to communicate to you news which doubtelly are unexpected of and I fear unprepared for, and which will doubtelly cause sorrow to seize on your heart and grip as it were to upbreak the foundation of your tears I mean the death of your dear mother, which occurred but a few hours ago.  She was violently attacked with influenza or inflammation of the brain which deprived her of her reason most of the time during her illness.  She lived eleven days after the attack during which time we entertained but faint hopes of her recovery.  She suffered a great deal during her illness but complained very little.  She appeared to be wholly resigned to the will of Him who had been her support in life and who had sustained her in all her troubles and trials while journeying through this world of pain to that rest which remained for the people of God.  It is hard to part with such a dear mother but she is no doubt happy and this is our comfort and it should leave us to a serious contemplation of our latter end, and that we also are born to die, and that we are creatures bound to that state of existence about which there is so much talk in the world.  It should lead us to inquire what we must do in order to inherit eternal life.


            Now my dear brothers and sister, let us allow ourselves one moment's reflection.  We are certainly eternity bound creatures, and what preparation have we made for that state of existence.  In youth and manhood we prepare for old age (which we are not sure that we shall ever see), in spring, summer and autumn, we prepare for a lay up provisions for the winter and now God has given us time to prepare for eternity, and what provisions have we laid up for our souls in its journeyings through all eternity, that long and never ending voyage our souls must make?  What preparations, what provisions is requisite in order that we may be happy there?  We may imagine that wealth and worldly honor is a source of happiness to the men of the world but ask them the question and they will tell us that it is not so, but we will find that their minds are restless, their souls naked and unsatisfied and themselves unprepared to die.  Indeed if we could devise substantial happenings from the things of the world they would be of no use to us at the hour of death or in eternity.  But if we are happy beyond the grave we must have the favor of God and be clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.


            Tryphena arrived at home on Sunday the sixth and stood by mother when she breathed her last.  She miraculously fell in company with one of our cousins at Cawego and brought himm home with her.  His name is Charles Bog, a son of Aunt Unis.


Horace, it was a great burden on mother's mind to understand that you was so confirmed to the world and so anxious to lay up for yourself treasures upon earth without making any serous preparations for eternity.  Jane, we hope to see you someday and then we will talk more particularly about these things which intimately and eternally concern us.  Silvanus, I hope that you will ever remember the council and example of your dear mother, and endeavor to practice what she has taught you.  Horace, you will please to write immediately to Orman and Mary.


            We have not yet finished our harvesting.  We need not tell you why father was taken sick at the same time that mother was and was dangerously ill for two or three but has recovered.


            We are all at present enjoying tolerable good health.  If Orman and Mary come back where you are, Tryphena wishes her to come up here as soon as possible in order to make some arrangements respecting the division of some furniture to which they both hold a claim as the family is about to be separated.


            Nancy is married to Mr. Deveice.  Father talks of letting the place out Deveice and Nancy in order to secure to himself a home.  Father requests that I would inform you that he intends to come down in October and bring you money.

                                                                                                          (Signed) Samuel Brimhall

Minnesota Teritory                                                November--th 6--Saint--Paul


Dear Brother


            I receved your letter and was very glad of heare from you and to heare that you are well.  I am well at presant and hope that his will find you in good health I came to--Saint--Paul--last May--and Father sold his farme and come here last June and has bout a house and lot her and I am ceepen house for him but did not know that he was a goin to come here when I came I heard not long since from all of our relations--excepting Normans family-and have not heard from him since he started for-Colarado with the Brusterites but he must be som where at the head waters of the Calarado River--our foalks are all a live and well the last time that I heard from them Sylvanus--is in the pinry in the lumber busness but I expect that he will come here in the sping and prehaps remain here   Fathers health is better now than it has bn for a good many years--I heard from Lucretia last sumer bty mr patens foalks--tha mooved up here last spring but have gon back this fall - Mrs Paten told me that  Lucretia and the children was well--and she told me that Lucretia had applide for a bill & she thout that she would get one this cort--and if she did she said that the thought that she would be married soon.


            I am vary glad to hear that you injoy your self so well I cant say that I am happy sometimes in joy my self vary well but most of the time I am quite miserable I dont know that I ever shall be eny haper in this world I think some times if I was marrid prehaps I should be more contented and then again I think how much trouble you have had by gettin married and how much thare aint no body for me for I have ben ingage so many times and all ways somthing hapoens to brake it up--but I try to think it all for the best--and I often think of the blesin that I got when at Nauvoo at old Father John Smiths and I often read my blessing it reads in this way - that the Lord shall chuse a husband for me and if mormonism is true I nedent think ever of marring a gentile O I wish that I did know whether it is true or not Dear Brother I wish that I could see you and talk what I cant write - you seam vary anctious for me to come to the mountains I would come if I thout that I should be eny more happy thare than here I did think some of going to Calaforna this fall before Father come up here -  but now we are a ceepen house and his health is so much better than in Illnoys that he wants to stay here and I havent means to go with now for I paid allof the mony that I had to help buy the lot and house   Dear Brother I hardly know what to write to you We have a vary pleasant town here the state house is here and the court House and 6 Churches here and the place improves vary fast we have a pleasent lot - and a comfortable House and Father is vary much pleased with the place we have a vary good garden spot Father says that he shall tend the garden next summer and I am to work at the millinery and Dress makin busness - I have to work vary hard to make a livin - and if Sylvanus comes I think that he will remain here and if he remains here I shall try and persuade him to go in the busness here with Father in ceepin a provisin store which is vary profitable you requested me to write to all of our connections I will write to some of them I wrote to Andrew last Spring and have not receved eny answer yet I presume that he is not eny whare near you nor John nor Noah, I wish that you would write somthing about Norman if you do hear from him and Andrew to - I dont know that I can give

            BRIM LETTERS 03-

eny incouragment a bout comin to the vally I cant come a lone and I dont expect that I could get eny of my foalks to come with me -  Father is old and would think to much of a journey and thare aint eny of my brothers that is here that would go to Salt Lake City and if should marry a gentile then I surtain coudent come for he wodent come with me) no more at this time write as soon as you get this) and I ever remain your) affectionate sister)


                                                            Triphena Brimhall

(This letter written to George W. Brimhall---copied as it was written and punctuated)




St. Paul Nov. 7 1852



(A note on the margin reads: This is the only letter we have from grandfather.)


My Dear Sun


            I would like to See you very much I am yet a Live and in good helth I have Sold my Land in Ills and am in Manecota I bought a Lot and a Small Hous on it and Trephina and I am Ceepin hous and we injoy our Selves very well I stud it as long as I cud in Ills.  I had the aejure for Eight years I started Last June and Cum to St Paul and I fuend Tryphene She had her for thur helth and we now Both Heirty and Dewing Well


            I getin ol I cant laber much longer I would see your Cntery  I cant git thar  I would like to her from you all affen as you can  thar is Norman and femely  Lift her two yers Last Sping and Started from Sprigfield with a coumpeny of Bruster its fro the head waters of the Calerado Rever in New Meo and have not herd from him Since and Expet that tha was all Cut of by the Ingens   we feel very anexus to her from thim   I you would I make Sum inqry about him   the Rest of your brothers and Sisters wer wll when herd from last   I undersand that I your wife is about gitting a Dec. from you   Old Mr. Gould has left his wife and has gon to the Calarado   Send us a Latter as son as you rec this no mour


                                                George Brimhall     S. Brimhall Senor









(A letter from John to George Washington)

Dear brother georg                                                                                   year 1865 october the first





            a few lines to you Wee are all well at present and doing well I think that I shall raise a bout 100 and 50 bushels of wheet this year and 200 bushels of Potatoes; and beens; and squases lots and slangs Of them I have a good farm with 200 fruits trees  Set out,  good houses to live in the land is Rich; plenty of water and timber and stone Cole with a qarter of a mile of the town I heard that you had went to the muddy and Come back and went north again; and made youre Stop at Spanish fork I am Sorry to hear of your misforchune;


            Undoubtedly you must Haved suffered george never mind be of good faith trust in the lord for the better in the fucher; to live; is to live unto the lord To die is a gane acknolage the hand of The lord in it and it will be counted to you For good I must tel you of sume of my last Winters sickness   I lay 8 weeks a helples man Flat on my back the dockter gave mee up And all of my neibers for to die while I was sick I dreemd that thare was two Men come to mee and ask mee ef I would Like to see my mother.  I told them that I Would.  Tha said come with us and see her So I went a travling a long behind them at Last tha came to a house I follow them in; one of them men spoke to mother and Ask her ef she knew this man.  She wass on her nees on the hearth bloing up the fire With her back towards us.  She turned her hed To one side to see who was thare then rose up in hast then said this is my son John And that she had knot seen mee for a long time   Then wee shakede hanes hartely   then told Her that I have ben wanting to see her for a Long time but did knot whare she was.  Then I ask her whare farther wass She said He lived jest a crost the hollow in a log House on the hil in the woods so I started A foot and a lone with greate troble in cras Hills and hollars at last I come to the top of the hill in the woods thare was a house low Down to the ground farther was seting out To one side of the house a lone on a (stump?)  With chips and brush all around.  I went up to farther he was all humpt up with His legs crost his head boude down to his Nees    I spoke to him he turned his head to One side to see whoo was thar  he did not speak but the teers run down his ies  I stud by him for sum time wondering What to do; Then I a woke and my house Was crouded with my neibers looking for mee to die;  I had the gravels;  there was a long time that I had no pasage of wartes and Food   Ef you ever have the gravels get this Sweet pink roote and steep it With hot water then drink the tee freely  You can Knot hold youre water


                                                                                    (no signature)








(A letter from John to one of his brothers back east) 



Dear Brother


            I wish you to write to mee About your self and folks and whare Dose horrace live or aney of the folks in the States;   what state or county or presink or districk or post office to write to or ef Samuel Brimhall Horraceses son has come write all about When you herd from them last I am shut up Here it takes nine yokes of oxens to draw a lite Wagon in to this valley I shal write to Normon and Noah I have knot heard from them   Write how you feel in the gospel

Wee have eight children two boys 6 girls

Wee give our best respect to our Brother and Sister and relations



                                                                                        John and annaretta Brimhall


Direct youre letters to Washington co   I can get them


            Spanish feb 1866


            This is my first it will not be my last







(A letter from John to George Washington.  This was the time period of the emminent invasion of the Utah Territory by the U.S. Army.  The work was to flee south abandoning all the northern cities.  Evidently, George Washington had been called to go to Dixie-Southern Utah Territory- to help get things ready for this event)



Dear brother                                                                                                     May the 12 1869


            in ansure to your letter in regard to your stalk I have reseived all but on head that is the mair bebe has falteard again I shall do some thing with him soon he has known friends becaus of his meennes Br george I must tell you what Brother Brigham young said hear in cannarak that All good saints would soon have to Leave The north for they would have to fite them Jenttiles and the wimmen and children would Have to come to this warm climate in dixey Whare they would knot have to waid in snow up to their waist Brother george I am a Fraid that you have Lost all that you Have done;  for backing out of the dixey mishion wen you was the Lord chosen why did you knot stick to it   Why did he chose because The rest must fit Prey that your flite May Knot bee in the winter time but take the Atvantage of being chosen Brother Brigham Ses that some makes their excuse that tha Are building a new house or barn or some thing Elee and treet their choice with impunity  And he excusees them they wount take The hint Brother you are knot exempt From filling you mishion with out you want Want to bee distroide.


            Brother Brigham Said that he would Winter in Saint george next winter for he would Fite the genttiles and whip them evry time

They would soon have it to do

Brother george Sel whiles you have a chance ef you Cant get but Litle get some thing come this Summer or I fear you are to Late   If you will try to come away what you Lack For to move I can help you with one span of Horses and waggon I want you to come this summer Brother I have got shed of my tape worm at Last my helth is good folks all well


            for me to drive them cows to you is to mutch   Ef you will knd come I can sel them for the money And send it to you  Brother make up your Mind soon as you get this write immediately know more at presient John and Anretta Brimhall


            The grashoppers are takeing all the grain this year I think wee shall Have to Live by faith and good words   Bee fore the Lord will Bless us Be one in teperral things as well as Spiretual or wee cannot bee blest    Be one as the fartter and son is one the same Power protects them will protect us







                                                                                                            Decmber 10th 1872

                                                                                                            Diamond city

                                                                                                            Tintic Mines


To mr George brimhall


dear brother


            in ansure to your letter  wee was glad to hear from you and that you was well   Wee are wel at Presient and doing verry well I think and hope to do better soon Wee are going to work on the Jefferson before long I think Mr probate up the creek said Hee new nothing about mr Hammer no the account with him   Now for mr Wm louis no teling whare he is wilber green has not sold the undine yet the albeck stqands thare the same when you left heare so dos the lone star Locateed and relocateed and no one Finds any thing we have let out The portland tunel to an inglish Companey   they are to spend Five thousand dollars on the Leed in 6 months from date  One half the ore is oures   Now for Norman dos not like Mee I do not ever think of seeing him or eney of his folks Neither do I care all is right   They treeted me with contempt When they come thru spanish fork I ask them to come and see us  But no they would not come But go and see some bodey Thad had some thing nice   good Buy Norman good buy Andrew I can live with out you you can viset Mr. Wilkins the bishop Councelor   George you may think Mee a strange brother   I was born With a head on my shoulders And I dont want any other   My head can tel me when I am hungerry could and afflicted   Any other head cant feel for my bodey



                                                                        Yours respectfully



                                                                        John Brimhall







                                                                                                            April the 28/1880

                                                                                                            Diamond tintic


Dear Uncle


            I received yours of the 25 and was very glad to hear from you but soroh to hear that mary and her children was there on your hands but you did not say how they came there or whether her and Dymock had parted or not   When she came from Nevada mother tried to git Mary to stay at home but she would not do so   I have gave her and him nearly too hundred dollers and have kept my fathers family for six years and they bit and swindled mee on every hand   I will take care of them when they are small but when they may of ernd abut respect mee nore care what they do to injure mee I dont think that I am under any obligation to them   I do not think that father is able to take care of eny more then he has got at presant but I do not think I can go down south   I have no wagon no team of eny kind so there is no way of mee taking her   I am sick and tired of my relation that is them the clostest I am going to get a way from them   I am now 26 years old past the midle age and have worked like a slave all my life have seen no pleasure   I have wished that I was dead this life has no charmes for mee   I am gitting so that I care not for eny body but my mother   I love and respect her she is the one lite in my life   well write soon good by for the presant



                                                            J. W. Brimhall


                                                            to Uncle George Brimhall


(This letter was copied by Thelma Brimhall from the original at the time in the possession of Grace Brimhall Calderwood.  It was copied just as it was spelled and punctuated.







                                                                                                September 28th 1880



MT carmel Kane Co Long valley


Dear Brother George



            a few lines to you we are all wel here after so long a time of trial   I feel happy with my lot   I think all wil come wright with me   yet I love my god and his ways   I am safe in his hands a nother has no need to claim me for I wont claim them those who seek in Mammon to worship pleasure   I hav nothing to do with them only as god will that I should that I may learn a few grains of candar and sence   I hope I have notmarked out a program of scripture that would require strong vineger and a spunge whiles upon across but let gods wil be done not mine   there may in mine be cules grevious to bare yet but the Pattraark said I should hav Power wherin my lot is cast which greate consolation to me when I get thro I may be one with our Brother Jesus as he is one with our Father  the Lord god enter in to the Joys of my rest to live for ever do away with all this disapointment  sorrow  pane  and deth   I am wiling to share as Jesus did for the sake of partisapateing in his blessings for this is the way unto the eternal glory god has established it for to bring us into his presence



                                                                        I remain your affectenate



           John Brimhall

write as soon as you get this letter







                                                                                                APRIL 6TH 1883


glendale Long velley Kande Co. Ut


dear brother


            I have neglected to answer your letter of Janurary 28th 1880 for wich I beg your pardan   it must of ben I was insane until now   we are all wel at present   I feel very well in mormonism doing the best I can   I am not geting rich in the pleaisures of this life I have something to eat and weare   I feel some near used up   I am not mutch help to the curch now but I hope I shal be situated some place in this wourld where I can do some good   brother george I ;  have not heard from any of our folks in the East for a long time   I could of wrote them but they did not want me to write anything bout mormonism   Horace wanted to keep up corestpondence with me but he abused me in his remarks so I qit writing to him   let him go  brother george  I sent my wife and abbie to Tintic mines to take care of nancy   she is insan tha went in the railrode when they come back they will fetch Nancy and John   per haps Wm Allcorn  next fall I am going to move down to Arizona St Johns Country.  Moses is there.  I sent him to look he ses it is a good country he likes it verry mutch   Brother george I guess you think I will stop moveing when I die so I think I have no home here I must have one some place so how mutch more of this wourld do you want to see  have you don any thing for our ded parents   where is norman   hove you heard anything from our folks in the East.  pleas write soon  where are your boys  what are they doing   I would like to see youre family and you very mutch before I go but dont expect to   Jane is in calafornia   John myers her husband    Cyntha in Idaho mar perkel   Sarah in Idaho mr Dymnoke   so you can see my faily is scaterd   how does the people feel in Spanish fork   have you any hopes of being saved   so you mint ask me the same thing my answer would be perhaps   I mint be ef I could find a nagh canibles to eat me up   I would be gan sure but I have ben very tough meet   I must bring my letter to a close   write soon   I remain your ever loveing brother



                                                                                    John Brimhall







                                                                                                            June 11th 1883


                                                                                                            Glendale long valley



Dear Brother George Brimhall

             I am in troble with Wm Alcorn in diamond city  tintic mines  his wife is insane   I sent her mother and Abba for to take care of her   I hav exosted my means   I would ask you if you would ask George H your son for to go and inquire after him   I have don all in my power for to alleviate them   Nancy is ungovernable  Wm Alcorn has abused her most cruelly   she wil hav 5 children in four years   he has drove her in sane   he for bids John giving any assistent   he stands John off with nife and revolvers with out the least cause   what ever he hates us because we are mormons   my folks dont like to come home and leave her with him for he will thro her in to the stree for Public abuse   I would sooner die than to hear of it   She has lost three babys   the first one a boy is living and another to be born in 2 to 3 weeks  in an insain condition   we wanted him for to let us take her and the boy and he come with them but he wil not   Nancy got up one night after going to bed and got two rocks thinking her Mother was a sleep she trroed one rock and hit her on head nearly knoked her out of her sences   she grabed her by the hans   her Mother was to mutch for her and cryed for help   so you see I am in trobel   can the people in Spanish fork Take her and the boy from him I hav be come a prey and drision to the lips of talkers and more I am swollowed up on every side I am bereaved of my children and I to be given to vile wick men for to be consumed because I was up on the alter for the people and the kingdon of gods sake and left up on the plains for to die in the deep snow between Santefee and city of tows starved hungrey cold needed sick with mountain feaver sick 63 days which I died dayly   now I stumded because of the law Brigham sought to worship pleasure agane   I became hungery cold sick and aflicked the second time I went to for to him for to ask him if he could let me have some thing I was not alloud for to gain the house   I told who I was he sent his servnt with 2 heivhey revolvers and one heivey sword   I told him I did not want that   I am poor   I want friends at that I went off  to oregon I went astray in the mountains   I was found agane by the good sheperd and was packed al the way on his shoulders to Saltlake city  you may think this strang but it is so   now Brother ware is Normon and his children his boys your boys   let george H lead the way   let him serch the law and do something for me   I am poor and afflected and wournout   have I got any friends   wil you give it you immediate atenion before he kills them all off   take them to your place and protet them until I can get them   dont shed any blood ef you can help it   I am for peace   blesed is the peace maker for he shal see god   I have ben a peace maker   I sufferd 63 deth for peace   I have two old people here for to care fo redy to step into their graves  Father Harris and Mother   they are liable to drop of any day   I dare not leav here on their account   do some thing for me


                                                                        I remain you ever loving



                                                                        John Brimhall







                                                                                                A. D. 1890 March 7th


Glendale Kane Co. Utah Ter.


Dear Brother George

             I feel greateful to you for your kind instructions.  I feel bowed up wonderfully   it give me new vigor of life   you are right in doing so.   this is what we should all strive for to do incourage Each other in the hour of troble least we fall to rise no more   I hope I Shal be able to stand and Endure to the end and be saved   Al tho one may know God yet through the weakness of the flesh falter.  I hope this will not be the case with me   I will try to live my religon the best I can and trust in the Lord.  Norman never writes to me for some cause I know not   it ma be his hand is agnst me for sins which I hav repented of long ago   He is very Silent somehow Noah complains he never writes to him   what can be the matter   is he ded or a live   how does he feel these times   Brother George I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet off God these last days and he revealed the Gospel which we must believe in or be damemded and he also said God would esstablish his Kingdom that would brake in pieces all other kingdoms   this is what the world is mad about   we aint to blaim for that nor for bleaving in the Gospel nomore than we are to blame for being born no for breathing seeing hearing feeling   we cant help what God does only only do as he ses for us to do and he will see to su that we take no harm from our opposers   he will do as he pleases   he dont care for the wourlds power he is more than all of us   he can say to the great waters dry up and the Fish will stink   He has given all mankind once to die that he may shew us his power to rais us agane from the ded   Yes he has all power  Yes I aint one bit sorry for that are you?  We are in his hand    let us keep his Commandments   Love the Lord God with all our hearts and with all of our Souls shy because he gives us our lives   with out life thare is no happaness   then next commandment   love thy Neighbor as our selves we no how well we love ourselver   How would it be if it should come to pas that all anamels of the specia of man shoud betaken and leave him man alone leaving him with all the money   all the wourld   He would be Like Adom without a Neighbor or help Meet   So we hav to go for our Neighbors to get a help meet  Whi not love them as our selves   the revelation ses it is not given that one Should perses that which is abover a nother   whare by the wourld lies in sin   Excep we are Equeal in temporal things we can not be in Spiret.   The Lord ses in the Book of Covenent recive of one Equal and be Equeal and be one as I command you or els we shal be cut off.   I will bring this to a close   Father Harris is yet alive but can not servive but a short time   he has been sick fror a long time   he is abut to breathe his last   he is lived to be quite old   Mother is 86 years old   George I never newwhat it was to take care of old peple before  Father Harris has been a terable whiske drinker but he quit that when we wouldnt let him have it   but in my life it seems that he got one hundred deths in one for braking the word of wisdom aint ded yet George if you do that thing do quit it   you would never tuch it if you could see what I see and know   Tea coffee tobacco   I dont us no tuch nor drink whiskey   I am geting tired


Write soon   I remain your Affectionate Brother

                                                                                    John Brimhall





                                                                                                A. D. 1892 Dec 1st


Glendale Kane Co. Utah


My dear beloved Brother George

             your letter of November 17th come to hand very welcome   I was pleased to know you have been to the temple and had your wives sealed to you   You done wright I havent had only one as yet.   perhaps one is all I am worthey ove or I could of got more.  I shal never bother nor worry about the wimmen   let them take care of them selves   I shall never run after them if I should I would surely get on to torment the other   let peace at home and not disstrub it with out the Lord commands it of course We may have to be tride in all things   When it comes to that I shal have to Shut up my ies and take on by guess    Perhaps the seceon wife would undo all the good the first one would do   Then I would have no credit for good done besides being terablely tride to my condemnation   do not understand me that I am opposed to plural marrage   I believe it is wright when one can get wimmen if he knows the lord commands him and get them that wont quarrel with Each other   I dont belive I know enough to pleas very meney wimmen and keep them peaceable   of course   if one has a ded one and She is sealed to hiim she is his and the second one hemmarres she is his - one ded - one living.  But put them bothe together living wouldent they get jelious of him and Quarrel   It may be the case in the reserection when the man comes up from the grave the two wives one will say this is mt Husben the other ses no marm he is mine so they have it


            Now George let me give you a brothers advice you be very good to Rachel Ann   And prove to her you love her with all your heart as God commands   Something to merret her love for you or Els Rachel Ann will say in Lucretas hearing you was not good and kind to Reehalann  Finally prove to be unworthty of ether one.  We have to shew our feelings by our works be kind and good to others   Then we will prove to the Lord we merit His Kind regards.  Now in your second Epistle on the Priesthood it is not always the case   Prophets falls victtorus to     deathe for the sins of the people for         are translated  There is a promise that some will be caught up to meet the Saviour when comes.  Let us hope for          privlege and trust in the Lord   Now for Politics I did not vote for Ether party     I was affrade of them.   I thought if I couldnt have the Laws of God to              I wouldnent have any thing   This is my         I feel very happy to think you have plenty   As for death I shant worry the change is for the better if I hve lived for it Now for the Temples dedscation   I dont Expect to be ther of course   the Temple will be didecated to the Lord or an be made to do so.  I have no fears of any troble then we have a great promace left us by the Saviors own words recorded in the new test.   thes are his words.   Just before his coming he would send his angles and they gether out from among his people all the things that does offend as they will cast them out into outer darkness whare there is weeping and wailing nashing of teeth.   So if we have lived to stay in and not be cast out we are in good luck.  Now in regard to your Idea of  the Eastern lands becoming steril          grown up to brush I dont understand.


            Normans visit was very exceptable and we had a good time together.   I confess I didnt know him I would of been very glad for him to stay all winter.   Norman did not look natural.  He looks old to me   There is one thing that has occured in my life and could I of known beforehand that to marra a womman to raise a child to grow insane I wouldnt of never marred but I had no home and but few friends   I got tired of lying outin the winter on the cold grond   After all amongs the womman kind I had my choice and to day wouldnt giver her for all the rest and take chancess.   I must bring my letter to a close by saying if I new some things before hand I wouldnt Start in for to make misary for the inosent   I would let wel Enough alone and live a single life for anything I know I might be more happy.  I have done what I saw my Farther do.   He repented that He ever made man

                                                            I remain your Brother


                                                            John Brimhall           




A.D. 1893 Aug 14th


Glendale Kane Co. Utah


George W. Brimhall  Esq


Dear beloved Brother


            your letter of Aug. come to hand and was Scaned thourly   I was pleased to hear that you are yet living.  and you have faith in the Gospel of Christ.  you Stated that we have A mother and will never have another I am aware of that.  and you have been looking for a nother you couldent find her I can tell you where She is.  Your Daughter was baptised for our Mother.  and our Brother.  Norman was baptised for our Father they recived the Gospel was released from prison and was Sealled to Each other for time and all eternety   dont look after some Strange womman for I wont know her looks nor her actions I can see How they used to look.  If  I have been a naughty.  I am sorry for that I believe they will take pitty on me and take me and into their habitation and.  I will try to do better.  Now.  you see Norman and have them adopted to Joseph Smith and you will be in a Strate Line of progression in famely Lineage if this will not worke in the priesthood.  if they could not have the priesthood confered upon them as well as to be baptised for them.  that they might be released from prison.  The temple hands will tell you so.  Should this fail then we will do the next best plan   Brother Woodruf and the Temple hands will do all that is in their power to save us and our Linage You cannot go outside of the.   They will place us in Line with them and it will be a State one to, know in regard to Brother Noah He is some distance from here.   the work is develveing up on you and Norman   Second John and Noah.  If you magnefy your priesthood you will go on with the work.  you be huring and keep up with your neighbors dont run a head out Side of the Temple hands.  try to place our parents whare we can have access to them and Enjoy them because we love them   God is the orthor of them giving us our Existants and give God the glory and Honor and bless our parents   George do wake up and not be a nocktrambulist.   We want you and Normon to go a head So that Noah and me can See the headings in buesiness Composition is Strate.   then we can see some show for to be adopted sons    I have written to Noah about this he sees it the same as me We cant go ahead of you and Norm you said you would never yeald on inch to the adversary until all of our people are saved for they are of the house of Isreal   I hope our courage and faith will hold out this time you say you havent done any thing in the Temple yet.  I would lik to see you magnafy your priesthood and enjoy the blessings of the priesthood and not be rejeted for dishonering you children with our Father and mothers recteard and you being the Eldest.  if it ware posable that Norman being the youngger on that account our receord should be thrown out by our greate creator then what!   apply the same Rule of your expression that we hav a mother and can never have a nother wal then place your self in line whare we can enjoy you with all the rest of us because we love   If Norman is the wrong place pleas change places and have it wrighted Ask Brother Woodruff let him decide and you can be content


            Copy as it was written and punctuated by Thelma Brimhall from originals borrowed                from Grace Brimhall Calderwood






            Letter from Noah to John 1903


This letter, in its original envelope was kept in John William Brimhall's personal wallet with his other most treasured papers.  (Letter is now in the possession of Gwendolyn Millet, 22515 Charlene Way, Hayward, Ca 94546 The envelope is postmarked Phoenix, Ariz. Aug 14, 8 AM, 1903, addressed to John Brimhall, Glendale, Utah.  (The spelling and puncuation is copied as it was in the original letter.)

                                                                                                      Nephi Aug 10th 1903


Bro john


            Received your leter and Fotoe some weeks ago and was glad to hear from you and wife and to hear that you are as comfortable as you are; as we have no pictures at present that we wish to send to you we will try to get new ones and send so you will see how we look now


            We are all well at prasant but the heat is hard on us herre for two or three months


            you spoke of your age Yes we are geting old the shadows are long and our Earthly sun will soon set but I am glad I have done as well as I have


            If I had the life to live over again I dont think I could beter it but as long as I do live I hope to be active and my greatest desire is to keep the faith to the last breath   my boys have all gone themselves.  however the two youngest help us ocaisionly   we are fixed so as to live now as we have got our ranch almost paid for   we keep cows chickens and hogs a raise a litte grain   you know one of the boys Walter is on a Mission to the suthern states   Walter is the third son that has

had a (?)   his time two years will be out in May next   he has a famaly here


            you speak of this life as a dream   it is a dream and a short one to but I guess if you could remember all the insadents in your long life it would make a big book   your Batalion experience was some and you will be remembered   My son Don was in Calafonia las sumer and he got aquanted with Bro Sylvanus and george H. and his son mark


            I heard lately that george H has recovered from his sickness and is quite smart again.   As to the Brimhalls people say they will look alike.  Bro Sylvanus looks like our Father.   I dont think it need trouble us about our identy in the next world   I shal now our Father and Mother when we see them   the prophet Nefie says we will have a bright recolection of the past


            Of course I feel to sympathese with you in your feeble state but I guess you are about as smart as the most of your age    men of you age and mine are apt to get feeble although I dnot feel to complain my health is good yet and I am able to labour  Yes I think it is about time that you 

I stop runing about;  I congratulate John and Moses in thare good luck and prospirity and all your children and feel to blss you all   now John you and I must not fret one particle about our condition in the next world for we have done the best we sould and that is all anybody can do to threst ant agoing to leave us behind and break the covenants he made with abriham Isach and Jacob


            Yes  John  the church is all right   Joseph Smith is a prophtt and allwyay will bee at the head of the last dispensation he is now planing for this Brethern in the councils of the gods   Brigham Young and his successers down to Joseph F are all right and the kingdom is spreading floriously


            I quess I will stop   May the lord bless you and your's is the prair of your unworthy Bro


                                                                                    Noah Brimhall


give me another letter when you can

 (John Brimhall died 18 Dec 1906, Glendale, Utah)

 Prepared by Gwendolyn Millet

22515 Charlene Way

Hayward, Ca 94546




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