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Noah Brimhall and his three brothers were the first Brimhalls to become members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Noah's Great, great, great Grandfather, George Bramhall, landed in the New World with the English Pilgrims at Plymouth, Massachusetts sometime between 1644 and 1666. The family grew and prospered over the next two hundred years in the New England area of the United States.

Some Highlights of His Life
1. Noah was born in 1826 in western, upper-state New York in the same area and during the same period of time that the restoration of the Gospel was then taking place through the Prophet Joseph Smith.
2. He heard the Gospel as a young man as did his brothers George Washington, Norman Guitteau and John. All four boys joined the Church.
3. At the age of 17 he traveled to Nauvoo, Illinois to see the Prophet Joseph Smith.
4. He was present when Brigham Young was sustained as the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in Nauvoo and also attended President Young's funeral many years later in Salt Lake City.
5. He volunteered for the Mormon Battalion.
6. He brought food and supplies to the starving Saints at Mount Pisgah, located between Nauvoo and Winter Quarters.
7. He and four other men and boys, along with the women and children at Winter Quarters, built homes in a little more than two months to shelter the destitute Saints there.
8. He crossed the plains to the Great Salt Lake Valley.
9. He was appointed Chaplin of the Company sent by President Brigham Young to rescue the dying Saints of the ill-fated last handcart company.
10. He was a Major in the Utah Malitia in the Johnston Wars.
11. He was one of the men called to practice the Doctrine of Plural Marriage. He had three wives and 27 children.
12. He was called on an Indian Mission.
13. He was a pioneer and missionary in the Arizona Colonies.
14. He served as a Bishopric member for more than 30 years.
15. He served as a Stake Patriarch for over a decade.
16. He left a rich legacy for his descendants through many strong testimonies found in this journal.

These pages were taken from Volume #3 of his writings. Many of the pages of this volume have been torn or cut out over the years and are missing. Also missing are Volumes #1 and #2. IF YOU HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE CONCERNING THE LOCATION OF THESE MISSING MATERIALS OR OF PHOTOGRAPHS OF NOAH AND HIS FAMILIES, PLEASE CONTACT RICHARD LOGAN BRIMHALL OR LAPRIEL BRIMHALL AT 1038 NORTH 1000 WEST, PROVO, UTAH 84604. (801: 375-3051)

This journal starts in 1850 when Noah was twenty-four years old, but parts were written when Noah was well advanced in age. In these later years he constantly repeated what he had already written, and most of the time in the very exact words. We have very carefully edited out all repetition, making sure, however, to include any new information found in each entry. Noah Brimhall was very talented and unique in his usage of the English Language. His style and talent have been inherited by his descendants. As one reads the writings of Logan Brimhall, Rulon Brimhall, Elias Brimhall, Joseph Brimhall and others this is very obvious.



BORN: About 1644
Yorkshire, England
DIED: 22 October 1689
Casco, Cumberland, Maine

BORN: About 1670
Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts
14 July 1711
DIED: 1751
Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts

BORN: 10 June 1724Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts
05 May 1746
DIED: 1771

BORN: 04 April 1757
Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts
MARRIED: Tryphena JOHNSON 1783
DIED: 18 September 1839

BORN: 03 April 1786
New Salem, Stulen, Massachusetts
DIED: 24 July 1856
Galesburg, Knox, Illinois

BORN: 14 February 1826
Olean, Allegany, New York
October 1852
Ogden, Weber, Utah
DIED: 09 December 1918
Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona

BORN: 20 October 1862
Hyrum, Cache, Utah
14 February 1882
Taylor, Apache, Arizona
DIED: 29 November 1938
Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona

BORN: 12 October 1892
Nephi, Maricopa, Arizona
01 November 1916
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
DIED: 25 September 1982
Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona


I am the seventh son of a large family of eight boys and three girls. All grew to man and womanhood. I was born February 14, 1826, Allegany [Note: This is the correct spelling in New York] County, New York, town of Olean. The same year, my father removed from New York with his family and came down the Allegheny River to Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana. There he settled on a farm. His family consisting at that time of my mother, seven sons, and three daughters, namely: Horace "J", George Washington, Samuel, Norman Guitteau, Sylvanus, John, and Noah. Girls: Nancy, Mary, and Tryphena. My youngest brother, Andrew Jackson, was born in 1827, Dearborn County, town of Manchester, at which place my father and family lived thirteen years. My father's name is Sylvanus Brimhall, born in New Salem, Stulen County, Massachusetts, 3 April 1786. He died in Galesburg, in the state of Illinois, July 24, 1856 aged 70 years.

My mother, Lydia Guitteau Brimhall was born in New York, Allegany County, town of Lanesbourgh [Note: Lanesbourgh is in Berkeshire, Massachusetts], 3 September 1785. She died in the year 1842, August 10th, in the state of Illinois, McHenry County at the age of 58 years.

When I was seven years of age, I was induced by my eldest sister and my parents to leave home and live with Talma Noyce, who was my sister's husband. Noyce used me very unkind. At the expiration of five years, Noyce died and I returned to the parental roof.

About the year 1837, my father left Indiana and removed to the state of Illinois, town of Franklin, McHenry County with his family. My widowed sister Nancy Noyce came with us. Our occupation was farming or raising wheat, which was ready market in Chicago, a distance of 60 miles from our place. Nancy's children were: Aurelia, Harriet, Lydia and Talma, a son, who are mostly dead at this date, 1850. They lived near us until I left home.

When mother died, the family seemed to scatter. Two brothers, Horace and Samuel settled in Henderson County, Illinois. Brother George went to the Eastern states on a Mission to preach the Gospel about 1842 and was absent about two years. When he returned he married Lucretia Metcalf about the year 1845 in Knox County, Illinois.

Also, after mother died in the year 1842, my father was appointed wharf-master about the year 1845 at Saint Paul, Minnesota, which office he held for about two years.

I think in the year 1841 I heard the true Gospel preached for the first time by Elder Samuel McClanathan, an Elder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. From that time I have never doubted. Although my parents neither of them embraced the Gospel, they were good moral parents and always gave good advice to their children. My mother listened to a sermon preached by Elder Angus Common, being the only Gospel sermon she ever had the privilege of listening to. She was taken sick soon after and died without another privilege of hearing the Gospel, but I never heard either of my parents oppose Mormonism. From 1841 to 1846 I remained favorable to the Church, feeding and giving what I could for the traveling Elders and helping the Church when I could.In 1843 I went to Nauvoo in company with my brother George and Almanson Metcalf from Knox County, Illinois to see the Prophet Joseph Smith, but we did not get our anxious expectations gratified, for we learned that the Prophet was confined at that time in jail at Dickson, Illinois, so we returned to Knox County, Illinois without seeing the Prophet.

In 1844 I met with a sad accident and so bruised my right knee that I was crippled for five years, during which time I could only get around on crutches, the sore having resulted in a white swelling. I spent all I could get for a year in medicine and doctor bills. I at last found a cure by being treated for one month in the Chicago Hospital, but I never fully recovered, and I am still a cripple. Few people know how I have suffered and suffer still on account of a weakness in my knee.


I was in the meeting in Nauvoo when Brigham Young was sustained as President of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and voted for him.

In 1846 I went to Nauvoo, and in the spring of that year I crossed the Mississippi River with the emigrating Saints in company with Elder William Hyde and his father's family to Mount Pisgah. It was one of the first companies that left Nauvoo. Mount Pisgah was called half-way between Nauvoo and the Missouri River.

From Mount Pisgah I was chosen by the brethren to go with Brother William Hyde to Grand River in Missouri, a distance of about 150 miles, to obtain supplies for the suffering Saints. Our mission being successful, we returned in about ten days with two teams laden with flour and meal to the amount of 80 hundred pounds or 4,000 pounds to each wagon, which made our people rejoice for our provisions were getting very short. I resumed my journey with Orson Hyde's company, driving one of Brother William Hyde's teams to Winter Quarters, arriving there in June 1846. The Mormon Battalion started for the Mexican War, July 1846. Arriving at Council Bluffs, I volunteered in 1846 to serve in the Mormon Battalion, but I was too feeble and sick with fever and ague to march. I stayed with the Church in Council Bluffs and assisted to build houses for the 300 helpless women and children who were left exposed to the elements without shelter on the plains, their husbands and brothers in the army. With the help of the sisters and about five men and boys, it took us about two months or more to finish the job of building houses, but the Lord took care of his Saints, and they were all sheltered from the storms and cold for winter.

My father died this year, July 24, 1846 aged 70 years. He then resided at Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois where he was buried. He died at the home of Mr. Orman Crocker, who is my sister Mary's husband. Crocker became very wealthy.

In October 1846 I returned to the state of Illinois to look after some of my folk.


In 1847 I was baptized in the Missouri River at Council Point by Elder William Hyde and Confirmed by him a member of the true church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In April 1847 at a General Conference held at Kanesville, Iowa, I was ordained a Seventy under the hands of Brother Albert P. Rockwood and Charles Bird and was received as a member of the 13th Quorum of Seventies, Charles Bird President. This was on April 6th 1847. Brother John in the Battalion.

In the fall of the same year I went to visit my sister and acquaintances in Illinois, McHenry County where I found many apostates, who had been led off by Strang, Gladen Bishop, and others.

I had an interview with Gladen Bishop, who declared that an angel from heaven descended and placed his hands on his head and ordained him to lead the Latter-day work or Church, so you see how men who suffer themselves to be led away by the powers of darkness become almost insane.

In the spring of 1847 I visited Jackson County Missouri and next Independence-- The Temple Block. I regret that I didn't take notes.

On my way down from Ottawa down the Illinois River to St. Louis I held a discussion with a Campbelite preacher on board the steamer in vindication of the faith of the Latter-day Saints. Answered many questions and enjoyed the good spirit. I remained in St. Louis three days and resumed my journey.


Brother John returned from the Mormon Battalion in the fall of 1847.<.p>

In the spring of 1849 in March, I returned to the Camp of the Saints at Winter Quarters now Florence, Nebraska.

In the summer of 1849, in company with my Brother John and Father Dustin, we took a contract of the Quartermaster, Colonel Picher of Fort Leavenworth to make rails for $25.00 per hundred. We soon made an outfit to cross the plains and came to Kannesville, Iowa April first 1850 and attended Conference April 6th. Up to that time, it had been very dry, so that the Immigration for California could not start on the plains for want of grass. Brother Orson Hyde, one of the Apostles, told the people in the Conference assembled, that if they would unite with him in faith and prayer to the Lord, he would promise them a plenty of rain. The congregation knelt down and prayed for rain, Brother Orson Hyde mouth. The skies suddenly became overcast with clouds and the rain fell in torrents within fifteen minutes, and the immigrants for California not only were caused to rejoice, but our people who were ready to go to Salt Lake were soon on the plains. We could see that God was good to his oppressed people after this great government had refused them redress from mob violence and driven them from the confines of civilization. Elder Orson Hyde, one of the twelve apostles of the Mormon Church was at that time presiding over the Church at Kanesville in Iowa. I started in company with my brother John from Kanesville, Iowa about the twelfth of April for Salt Lake City. We had only proceeded on our journey about four or five miles when we met our Brother George who had left his wife and children in Knoxville, Illinois and was going to gather with the Saints in Salt Lake Valley. His wife had apostatized and favored Strangs beliefs. So we took him in to our own wagon and brought him to Salt Lake Valley.

Incidents of travel while crossing the plains:
On one occasion we had a stampede while traveling up the Platte River. A saddle horse galloped from the rear of the train with the pads of the saddle fluttering, and as fast as he came past the teams of oxen, for they were nearly all ox teams, they took fright and about thirty wagons or teams stampeded.

Instance of a Runaway over the plains:
Shortly after the teams commenced to run, they came to a deep creek, and for a moment it seemed that the people, men, women, and children, would be precipitated down the steep banks of the creek, but all at once they plunged into the narrow ford, and teams and wagons piled into that ford one on top of the other until the jam was made so large that it finally stopped the train. Some wagons were broken, some oxen were drown, and some were dragged to death, but no lives of the people were lost. My team escaped by cutting the bow trees and driving the oxen out of the yokes.

The stampede was a common occurrence in those days, but terrible is the sight to see a maddened and terrified train of teams run, led on as impelled by some invisible spirit, rushing wildly over the plains, oxen bellowing, women and children crying for help, men hollering, whoa, whoa, whoa, sometimes circling around for miles and only when perfectly exhausted will they stop at all.

Runaway Oxen:
At a certain camp near the head of the Sweetwater our oxen broke the corral that was formed by putting our wagons close together. Some jumping over the wagons and some got away. Some of the oxen running 15 or more miles. One yoke of our team went back 18 miles on the road, and Brother John and myself traveled back 18 miles from eleven o'clock in the morning and returned about 6 o'clock in the afternoon having traveled a distance in excess of thirty-six miles. When we got back to camp, Brother John fell down exhausted and was sick for a long week.

Note: Brother John and myself started on the plains a few days ahead of the main Mormon camp and traveled with acompany of gold diggers to Salt Lake.

I will relate another incident:
This incident happened when our camp got to Fort Laramie. We took the new road up North Platte. Our company consisted of about ten men at that time and four wagons, and we were all strangers to the road and country. When we left Laramie about two o'clock p.m., all tired and almost famishing for water. Strong men cried for water. Some rocks near the road drew my attention, and when I had got to the top of one of those large rocks, I reached down in the top of a large one that was hollow, and to my great joy and to the joy of our company, I found a few gallons of water that had been deposited by the rain, which enabled us to continue our search. When I found the water in the rock, the story of Moses came to my mind, and I felt to acknowledge the hand of the Lord in our behalf. It being very dark, we had passed the spring of water that we expected to find near the road. About two o'clock a.m. we heard the sound of a waterfall from a recent shower and were soon filled.

Various are the incidents that persons who have traveled across the plains might relate of adventures with bear and buffalo, thirty years before the great railroads crossed the plains through cities and on to the great Pacific Ocean. But now, the Buffalo are gone and the numerous tribes of Indians that inhabited the whole line for a thousand miles have removed or been killed off by wars, until there are but few left, and the vast plains are covered by the teams and the settlements of the whites.

Another striking incident will be worthy of note:
One day while conversing in relation to the stampeding of our teams, it was proposed by one of our company that we should so fasten ropes on the horns of each near ox, so that one person could catch the ox and could hold on to these ropes and so prevent a runaway. About two o'clock, that being the rehearsal time for the stampede, three of us took hold of the ropes and while walking leisurely, our teams took fright, and the three of us were thrown down and narrowly escaped being run over. Our teams took a circle of about four miles and then came back to the road again without any particular damage, and we resumed our journey about the 24th of July 1850.


Brother John had not yet recovered from his fatigue caused by the 36 mile run after our oxen, and seemed to be nigh unto death. He was so badly weakened down with the diarrhea that he could scarcely speak a loud word. We did not know, but we would have to leave him, but by giving him some herb tea, the herb we found by the roadside, and the exercise of our faith, he recovered so as to travel to Salt Lake at which place we arrived July the 27, 1850.

We found money plenty, but provisions scarce. We found many of our friends living on thistle roots and segoes. Flour was one dollar per pound. As me and my brother John had a good supply of flour, rice, sugar, and other groceries to the amount of three or four hundred dollars, we divided it all out to the poor starving Saints, not receiving one cent for any of it in money. But as the harvest was about ready to cut, the people soon had abundance, and to spare for the strangers who passed through the City of the Saints by the hundreds and thousands for California in search of gold. About the 10th of August I commenced to work in the harvest at Sessions Settlement twelve miles from Salt Lake City for Charlie Parks for five dollars per day. We were happy with the Saints again.

The emigration brought wagons, horses, clothing, harnesses, gold and silver in abundance to trade for possessions as Salt Lake was the only place on the route for nearly a thousand miles where the weary emigrants could rest or get supplies. This saved the Saints from hunger and poverty, and caused them to rejoice in plenty and prosperity as the labors of their hands were crowned.

About the 1st of August I went to work for a Brother near Ogden by the name of David Moore. After remaining in Ogden until the spring of 1851, I bought a small supply of Indian goods and went with Simpson Emmett and others to the Soda Springs now in Idaho to trade with the Indians. Returning to Ogden in the month of July 1851. I spent most of my time working at farming.

September 9th the Act of Congress organizing the Utah Territory was approved. The organized size of the territory was about two hundred and twenty-five thousand square miles.

In the spring of 1852 I again returned to Fort Hall, Idaho, and while at Fort Hall, Captain Grant of the Hudson Bay Company gave me the use of a bridge crossing Thomas Fork, a tributary of Bear River, to buy crops to sell to the emigration to Oregon and California.

I was lucky and was prospered. In October 1852, I married a Miss Samantha Lake, daughter of James Lake and made a home near North Ogden. Eleven children were born to us. Our first child was born a girl.

I bought a small stock of Indian goods and went to the Soda Springs again to trade with the Indians, returning in July the same year. I continued to improve my home.


In 1856 I went from Ogden City, Utah with about thirty brethren and as many wagons and teams to the rescue of the last Handcart Company of the Saints who were snowbound near the head of the Sweetwater. I think we started from Ogden about the 10th of October and were gone five weeks from home. Went a distance of about 200 miles. Snow all the way and deep in many places. On this ever memorable trip, I acted as Chaplin being appointed to that office by authority of the Church by Quorum President, Chauncey West, Bishop.


I was in Echo in 1857 in the Utah Malitia under Daniel H. Wells, the object being to help my brethren to watch and wait upon the mob that was sent out to Utah to exterminate the Mormons. The mob numbered 13,000. The Mormons only 1,500, but God helped his saints and they were victorious. This year, 1857, I was called on the Indian Mission to Salmon River, but was recalled and sent to Echo to stop Alexander. I was with General Chauncey West on his march to Soda Springs. I held the office of Major of Cavalry in the Cache Valley Malitia Brigade for several years. and had command of a Battalion. Melina Zundell, my second wife had but one child by me, Alfonzo Brimhall, born near Ogden, Utah. In 1858 I removed from Ogden to Provo, but returned with the Saints to Salt Lake in July this being a political move. While I lived at Ogden, I belonged to the United Order and gave all to the Church, which consisted of cows and young stock and team to the amount of 1,500 dollars or more. I got back 2 cows and a team, for which I was promised a writing of inheritance by Bishop Chauncey West, which I never received, not even a receipt. On the 29th of January 1859 I married the widow of William Bailey Lake, Lovina Jones Lake, who was the mother of fifteen children by me.


In 1860 I moved from Ogden to Hyrum in Cache Valley. In 1859 a Stake of Zion was organized in Cache Valley with Peter Maughn as President. I served in the Cache Valley Stake as High Counselor for about seven years. I also had the presidency of a Quorum of Seventies in Hyrum, Cache County, Utah for several years.


After remaining at Hyrum for about seven years, I removed with my family to the place now called Oxford, Oneida County, Idaho. In 1877 August 29th I attended the funeral of President Brigham Young in Great Salt Lake City. I was present also at the laying of the corner stone of the Logan Temple on the 17th of September 1877. At Oxford I made a home and was doing well, but on account of having my land jumped by robbers, I became dissatisfied.


In 1877 there was a call made by the Church for Missionaries and Pioneers to go to Arizona, and in the fall of 1877 October 15th, I volunteered to go as a Missionary and Pioneer to that place. I started from Onieda County, Idaho about the 10th of October with my family, and arrived at the Little Colorado in February, and went to work with Lorenzo Hatch, Bishop Tenney, and others to make improvements 'til now 1914.


At this time June 7th 1892 four of the family are working on the threshing machine.

FEBRUARY 12, 1897
Again I write a few words. the 14th of this month I shall be 71 years of age. I am just recovering from a disease called the La Grip which is quite common in this southern country. Many people are afflicted with this in winter. The Saints here in this part feel the hard pressure of the times, as capital controls labor at this date in our nation. The poor are in bondage, but the Latter-day Saints are looking for relief quite confidently through that order which the Lord has revealed for their emancipation. At this date there are many prophets gone out into the world to warn this generation to flee from the wrath to come. Some are embracing the true Gospel, some are turning their backs and denying the Christ. Moses Thatcher, one of the Apostles has been dropped from his Quorum for apostasy of late. My testimony is that the Lord is cutting His work short in righteousness. I hope to hold on to the rod of iron through the grace of God. Amen.

I was ordained to the office of Patriarch in the Church February 14, 1898, in Mesa Ward, Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona, under the hands of John Henry Smith, who is one of the Apostles.

MARCH 29, 1899
My burden is for my children. My prayer and heart's desire to God is that they may be saved. I believe the Saints are doing a great work for this nation warning all men everywhere to repent.

MARCH 30th 1899
Last February 14th I was 73 years of age. Received a letter on the 27th from D. Carlos Brimhall who started on a mission to the Southern States May the 18th 1898. I attended our quarterly Conference at Mesa on the 26th of this month, March 1899.

Why not, when the great men in past ages have chronicled incidents of their lives that now are in history and will be for years to come, today being the most historical age the world has ever seen, why not then put our pens to paper and chronicle the great events of today. Those powerful intelligences, those great intellects that our father has permitted to come forth in the last days as candles of light to the world, take your pens in hand and from thence make a mark of light that will shine on through generations to come. If Paul and Peter, Mark and John, who have written sayings that have stood 1800 years, why cannot prophets write sayings now that will stand for 1800 years. Abraham blessed his children with blessings to them and their posterity, and Jacob blessed his sons with the blessings of the heavens and the earth. And the Patriarchs of the Church hold the same power to bless our children with the Lord's blessings. May they reach our children, that our children also may receive the benefit of the New Covenant that has come to us, that the generations of the earth may be turned to the fathers and our children receive the benefit of the Gospel as well as us. Hoping this little hint may stir up the minds of our young people to keep a record. For we are to be judged by the books. Noah Brimhall

Writing again. I say and bear testimony that the signs spoken of by the Savior of the end of the world are already at our doors. Wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes in divers places do this day appear. Nation against nation. The people of all nations are beginning to split up into secret sects and religious parties. The poor against the rich. Monopoly is grinding the poor and enslaving the masses of the people almost beyond endurance. At this date the Church of Christ has 1,000 missionaries in the field preaching the Gospel. My son Don is still in the field. I have here with me at this time or in the neighborhood, two sons, Walter N. and Orson Spencer. Orson is going to school a part of the time. One daughter Rachel is going to the public school.

FEBRUARY 14, 1900
Today I am 74 years old. Many are the reflections in mind when memory reverts back to my past life. But I have great consolation in the knowledge of the Gospel having embraced it in the days of my youth, having been a believer 58 years, and my labors have been principally in the Church. And for about thirty years I have been First Counselor to four Bishops, but now holding the office of Patriarch, I take pleasure in blessing the Saints and particularly my children.

Present, at our surprise last evening, was besides a houseful of friends, Mother Lovina Brimhall, Ester Openshaw Brimhall, Medora Brimhall Openshaw, Roxie Knight Brimhall, Loren Brimhall, Orson S. Brimhall, Fred Brimhall and Newell Brimhall, the two last named being grandchildren, of whom I have at this time about 60, and the parents of most of these are in the true Church of Christ.


Joseph F. Smith one of the first Presidency of the Church, Apostle Woodruff, and President of the Seventies, Seymour B. Young made a visit to this Stake of Zion. The people had great reason to rejoice hearing from them the glorious principles of the Gospel. With us now are: Don, Walter, Orson, Rachel and our daughter Amanda, who is here on a visit from the St. Joseph Stake of Zion. I know the Gospel is true and have been faithful to a degree, but feel I am a very unprofitable servant. May the Lord bless the Saints. Amen.

I resume this part of my Journal. Since my last writing my son Don has returned from a mission preaching the Gospel.

On the 23rd my daughter Amanda made a visit of about two weeks.

I am again led by the spirit to write today. I attended a High Priest Meeting held in Mesa City. I also attended a Priesthood Meeting held at the same place in the afternoon and heard some valuable instruction upon the necessity of the Saints being united. The extreme heat and dry weather seems to be quite a topic for conversation at present.

JULY 14, 1901
The date of my last writing is January the 4th 1900. [Note: Dated entries such as the above June 7, 1901 entry found in other parts of the Journal were put in chronological order at this typing.] I am living with my family near Mesa City, Arizona Territory. I said family. A part of them are with me at this date namely: Don Carlos, Cassius, and Walter with their families. David Loren and Orson not married. Those boys or men are all stout and hale at this date. We are having a very dry time. Water being very low in the ditches, but as the people have raised a good crop of wheat and other grains and two crops of hay, they can stand a little drought. The mercury at this date and for the last four days has stood at 114 in the shade.

My five sons, who are here, are engaged in the grain threshing at the present time. My son Norman Andrew Brimhall is on a mission in Colorado preaching the Gospel of Christ and of Paul and Peter and Joseph Smith. As for me, I still believe and practice at least in part the Gospel as taught by Jesus Christ and his apostles and by the great Latter-day Prophet, Joseph Smith and his Apostles.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1901
I have with me today Mother Lovina, Don, Cassius, Walter, Loren, and Orson. At this date I have two sons living in or near Taylor in Apache County, Arizona. One daughter and one son in Colorado.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1901
I feel grateful to the Lord at this time for his merciful kindness to me in the preservation of my life to write again and to leave on record my testimony that Joseph Smith was and is a Prophet, and will hold the keys of this last dispensation under Jesus Christ to all Eternity.

William McKinley the president of the United States of America has just been murdered by the hand of an assassin, and our great government is in deep mourning-- a good man and a great ruler. The Lord's will be done. But when the prophet Joseph Smith was slain by a legalized mob under the gubernatorialship of Lilburn W. Boggs of the state of Missouri, not only men wept, but angels shed tears because the Lord had given him the great mission of the Last Dispensation. But his works follow him, and he continues his labors behind the veil. My prayer is that the Lord will help me to win my posterity and help save them in the Celestial Kingdom. Noah Brimhall

I take my pen in hand at this date to write a few lines. I still feel thankful to the Lord for sparing my life to see his glorious work prosper. Those who are with and near me at this time, Mother Lovina, Don Carlos, Cassius Morgan, Walter is on a mission preaching the Gospel, Medora, wife of Eli Openshaw, David Loren, and Orson Brimhall, all members of the Church. Rachel also.

For the past year we have been engaged in various pursuits, the main work has been on our ranch at home for Loren and Orson. Don and Cassius have places of their own.

As for me, I have been punctual to attend the Conferences held here in our Stake and have been punctual to Ward Meetings, tithing and offerings to the poor.

I believe my four brothers, God bless them, are still alive: Norman aged 83, Sylvanus aged 81, and John, who was in the Mormon Battalion, 79. So I see the shadows are getting long with us, and according to the flesh will soon pass away, but I am happy to know that I am at peace with my brethren in the flesh and also all my brethren in the Church.

We have prayers in the family at least once a day, and my testimony is and has been for 60 years that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of the Lord and that Brigham Young is a prophet of the Lord. Also all whom the Lord has called to preside over His Church by His spirit and the united voice of the people, are prophets of God. And now, I testify of the spirit, that the Lord has set His hand the last time to gather his elect from the four corners of the earth, and if the gentiles will receive this Gospel, which is true, they will be saved at paradise. If they reject it, they will be cut off. And at this time, 1903, there are wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in many places, and the Kings of the earth begin to feel their crowns loosen upon their heads. And now as the Lord has many of his servants in the missionary field, may they be mighty in testimony to gather the elect from the four corners of the earth. So may it be. Amen.

FEBRUARY 19, 1902
All well at this date. There are with and near us at this time our children, Don, Cassius, Loren, Walter, Medora, Rachel and Orson. Walter is called on a Mission. Expects to start within a few days.

I attended a priesthood meeting on the fifth, at which meeting some important business was transacted both for the Church and for individuals. Water in the ditches is very low, only enough for stock.

Again I write a few lines of history. All well and are living near Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona. I say well, my wife and my son Orson and Rachel our youngest daughter are at home with us. Don is in Los Angeles with his family for their health. Walter is on a mission to the South. Loren is in Bisby working in the Copper mines.

I feel that time is putting me under its shadow quite fast, yet I am able to do some labor, but labor and me are not very friendly. The heat here in this locality is very oppressive, especially upon old people. I have been able so far, thank the Lord, to believe the true Gospel and practice it in part. Yes, I believe and know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of the Lord and holds the keys of the Kingdom of the Latter-days under Jesus Christ, and the Kingdom is set up never to be thrown down or given to another people.

Thanksgiving to the Lord for health and strength, daily food and the true Gospel, brethren and sisters, children and friends, prospects of salvation, and for all the Lord in His mercy has been pleased to bless upon me, I write a few lines.

Loren is at home, Orson also. Mother is still doing for us. She is a good wife, is a precious beacon. The longer a man lives with a good woman, the better he loves her. At least it is so with the man, but it is generally to the opposite with the woman. But may the Lord bless them, for they will be saved through childbearing.

This nation boasted of her freedom in the days of Washington, when Washington owned many slaves, and it was against the law to speak in favour of emancipation. When 200,000 of slaves were held as cattle, we boasted of our freedom as a nation, yea, as civilized, great, and mighty. And still we boasted of freedom when we denied the Mormons the right of conscience as to worship Almighty God according to the same.

The first article of the 15th amendment of the Constitution ratified in 1870 declares that Congress make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the right of the people, or of the press, or of the people to meet or assemble and to petition government for redress of grievances.

NOVEMBER 25, 1903
Again I take my pen in hand to write a few lines. I am at peace with all the world. There is no Brother or Sister in the Church of Christ, but what I am ready to bless and forgive if there should be any possible differences between us. I realize that the Lord is doing much for His people at this time, according to His Word. He is very merciful to His people, for they are striving to carry the Gospel to the Gentiles.

I am sorry that the Gentiles have made a law to prohibit the Lord's people from worshipping Almighty God according to the revelations of Jesus Christ through the Prophet Joseph Smith, for I know that polygamy is an institution of Heaven ordained of the Father, practiced by the Son and sanctioned by the Holy Ghost. It is the only remedy for the social evil, and until that principle is restored and carried throughout the world, Saints and all will be at a loss for a remedy to correct the social evil: the Gentiles in total darkness, the Saints under a dark cloud. The enforcement of this law against conscience will tend to darken the light of Heaven.

I have a great desire to continue faithful to the end of my probation, that I may have part with those who have fought the good fight. I know that I have many friends on the other side of the veil whom I would like to see, and dear children, whom I know are all right, and will come with Christ. I have been very much tried with some of my children, but I hope and believe that the Lord will give me faith like Nephi, that he may hear my prayers, and that my children may be saved. I congratulate myself very much and their mothers, that my children are all possessed of a good sound constitution, both of mind and body, and continue to pray that they may live to do much good. Amen.

My mind is full of reflections and meditations upon the condition of the world and the just position of the Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There unto it opens up a vast field of reflection for those who can see by an eye of faith the unfolding purposes of the Almighty.

Today the nations are ripe for war, already to destroy each other and to cause blood. The Lord has said, "Straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to Life, and few there be that find it," because the people generally choose darkness rather than light. Few are chosen because they are fickle-minded and fight against the word of God. It seems to be a great pity that some of our mighty Elders will so far forget their holy callings, that they will allow themselves to dabble in some of the unholy practices of the ungodly world.

I would say to our young people, male and female: Live to the Lord and be an example to the world. Show your faith by your work, for you will have to retrace your steps and return to your duties, or your mind will become more or less darkened. The Lord says His spirit will not always strive with man.

DECEMBER 31, 1905
Yesterday I received a letter from Mrs. Foot, one of Brother John's daughters, of his, John's death which took place on the 19th of December 1906 at his home at Glendale, Kane County, Utah.

JULY 25, 1910
I am afflicted and do not enjoy health, but still able to write and read and eat and to enjoy life a little. Wife and self are still in the Church hoping to die in the Church. I believe we have faith in those that lead in the Priesthood.

From 1906 to 1910 my health has been such that I have been unable to labor much, but I have looked after the affairs of the ranch or farm a little.

JULY THE 30TH 1910
I hold the office of Patriarch in the Maricopa Stake of Zion, which office I have held for about ten years.


Leather $3.754
Bindings .696
Coting .220
Stitching .240
Lasting .114
Bottoming .246
Finishing .120
Outher Ex. .25

Wool $1.744
Windery .072
Knitting .098
Finishing .238
Outher Ex. .312

JANUARY 24, 1913
I am still in life active in soul and body. Still able to give an answer for the hope within.

I am at peace with all the world and I believe that Joseph Smith was and is a Prophet called of the Lord.

My health is fairly good.

I have this gratification to know that most of my children are keeping the commandments and are members of the true Church.

(NOTE: Noah Brimhall died on 9 December 1918 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona at the age of 92.)


MARCH 15, 1886
A blessing by Lorenzo Hill Hatch, Patriarch upon the head of Noah Brimhall, son of Sylvanus and Lydia Brimhall, Born February 14, 1826.

Brother Noah, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and by the authority of the Holy Priesthood, I place my hands upon your head and seal upon you a Patriarchal Blessing even a Father's blessing. Be comforted therefore, and you shall be able to magnify your calling in the Holy Priesthood and stand at the head of your kindred, and the foundation you have laid will endure forever. You have passed through great sorrows and afflictions. Many times coming near unto death, but the Lord has heard and answered your petitions giving you bread for your children and raiment, and your last days shall be your best days upon the earth, and your children will 'erelong appreciate your counsel and your name shall be held in honorable remembrance and be perpetuated through all generations. Behold I say unto you that you are through the loins of Ephraim and entitled to all the blessings of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Your guardian angel has preserved you from death and will not forsake you and you shall have power to deem all that appertains to you, for God's mercy endureth forever. And in the Eternal Worlds, you shall be associated with your wives and posterity, for this promise you have obtained of the Lord. The great enemy has sought to defeat you in these things. Your prayers and tears have secured unto you an everlasting inheritance. Be patient in persecutions, and the day shall come when your enemies will have no more power, and they will seek favors at your hand. You will not withhold. Through you and your offspring salvation will come unto many of your departed dead. Your sons shall become mighty in the Priesthood, and they shall not turn away from the truth, though they may wander. The Lord will remember them and He will hear your prayers and your days of poverty shall pass away and your former blessings shall be realized, and you shall be strengthened in your body and you shall have power to defend your brethren by your words and the stranger shall be ashamed. The spirit of prophecy shall rest upon you, and when dark clouds hang over the people, you will be able to comfort the hearts of the bowed down widows, and orphans will call you blessed. You came upon the earth to be a savior unto many. I seal upon your head all your former blessings that you may attain unto a Celestial crown and be associated with those who have fallen as martyrs and be with the General Assembly of the Church of the Firstborn.

I seal these blessings by the authority of the Holy Priesthood and in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Cassius M. Brimhall, Scribe

MARCH 15, 1886
A Blessing by Lorenzo Hill Hatch, Patriarch, upon the head of Lovina Brimhall, daughter of Morgan and Johannah Jones, born March 31, 1842, Morganshire, South Wales.

Dear Sister Lovina, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the authority of the Holy Priesthood, I lay my hands upon your head and seal upon you a Patriarchal and Father's blessing. Be comforted therefore, for you have prevailed and shall receive for your toil and labor and sacrifices an hundred fold and you shall lose nothing, and when the veil shall be taken from your understanding, you shall comprehend the goodness of God, and your children shall be gathered around you, and their inheritances shall be with the redeemed, for the Lord thy God has witnessed your loneliness and your deep sorrow and has guided you by inspiration, and you have been counted worthy to be associated with the Saints of the Most High who has given you power to control your feelings. Heavenly blessings are in store for you. I say unto you that these words are true and faithful. For you shall attain unto the highest degree of glory and honor, for thou art a descendant of Joseph through the loins of Ephraim. And I seal upon you all the blessings of the New and Everlasting Covenant, and your children shall attain unto the fullness of the Holy Priesthood and no good thing shall be withheld from you, and many will envy you, in that which you shall attain. Your name is recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life, and your guardian angel has watched over you and never will forsake. This is the voice of the Holy Spirit and you shall stand in your lot and place with him thou hast chosen. The Lord has raised up friends that you may have a name and posterity and have an inheritance with the sanctified. Therefore, you have been called to be a pioneer to this far off land and to associate with a good people and to be a comfort to your companion who has done all that he could for your comfort. I seal upon you power that you may live until you have finished your work and laid the foundation for the redemption of your dead. Behold the angels have stood near you and will administer, making known unto you and your posterity the names of many of your dead. And your name shall be perpetuated forever and you shall come forth unto a Celestial crown and reign as a Queen and Priestess with your husband and your posterity. I seal these blessings upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

H. A. Hatch, Scribe.

AUGUST 14, 1855
A patriarchal blessing by C. W. Hyde upon the head of Noah Brimhall, son of Sylvanus and Lydia Brimhall, born in Alegany County, New York, February 14, 1826.

Noah, I lay hands upon your head and I seal upon you a Father's blessing by the authority invested in me. Thou wilt yet be called to proclaim the Gospel from land and sea to sea, and thy voice shall be even like unto the house of Joseph. Thou shalt baptize many into the Everlasting Covenant, and no power shall stay thy hand, for thou shalt have faith like unto the Brother of Jared and no weapon that is raised against you shall prosper, and you shall have power to divide waters by the power of the priesthood, for you shall have the gift of great faith, also the gift of wisdom and grace according to your day and generation. And you shall have your endowments and the blessings of Joseph and Ephraim and your companion to comfort you in your old age. And you shall see the winding up scenes of this generation when the Saints will take the Kingdom and establish Zion upon the earth, and you shall partake of all manner of fruit in great abundance. You shall be saved with the ancient of days and with Joseph and Hyrum, and you shall be saved in the Kingdom of God and His Christ, even so, Amen.

N. B. Scribe

A Blessing by James Lake, Patriarch upon the head of Noah Brimhall, son of Sylvanus and Lydia Brimhall, born February 14th 1826, Alegany County, New York.

Noah, in the name of Jesus Christ, by the authority of the Holy Priesthood invested in me, I place my hands upon your head to confer and to confirm all the blessings of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Thou art a lawful heir to the Holy Priesthood. Thou art a descendant of Ephraim. In as much as thou shalt embrace the Gospel that thou might obtain Eternal life, thy name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life, and in as much as thou dost prove faithful, thou shalt be blessed with great light and intelligence. Thou shalt be a man of faith, if necessary, to control the elements. The Lord has called thee to a great and holy calling, and thou shalt do much in building up the Kingdom of Christ upon the earth. Thou shalt go forth and preach the Gospel to nations afar off. Many souls shall rejoice at the sound of thy voice. Thou shalt lead many into the waters of baptism and bring many to unite with the Church of Christ. Thou shalt be blessed with the good things of this life and with flocks and herds in abundance. Thou shalt raise up a numerous posterity, even as Jacob of old. Thou shalt have an inheritance with the Saints and assist in redeeming the waste places of Zion. Thy name shall be had in honorable remembrance in the Church of Jesus Christ. Thou shalt live to a good old age, even until thou art satisfied with life, and in as much as it is the desire of thy heart, thou shalt live to see the coming of the Son of Man. Thou shalt come down to thy grave in a good old age with joy, and come forth in the morning of the Resurrection with thy companions and offsprings and all thy Father's house even so, Amen and Amen.

JUNE 15, 1857
A Patriarchal Blessing by Charles W. Hyde upon the head of Lovina, daughter of Morgan and Johannah Jones, born Newbridge, South Wales, March 31, 1844.

Lovina, in the name of the beloved of the Father, I place my hands upon thy head and seal upon you a Father's blessing. You shall have the gift of wisdom, prophecy and discernment, and you shall have the blessings of the earth, for your table shall be spread with the bounties thereof, and the Nephites shall dine at your table and shall offer you money, which thou wilt refuse, and they will say to thee, "Refuse not, for this shall be an everlasting blessing upon your head." Thou art of Ephraim and a lawful heiress to all the endowments and keys of the Holy Priesthood. Your companion shall be like Nephi, for he shall cause the dead to raise and the sun and moon to stand still if it is necessary. He shall confound the wisdom of the wise and his enemies shall flee before him, for he shall chase a thousand and put ten thousand to flight. You shall stand upon Mount Zion with nigh all the redeemed, and you shall play upon all instruments that shall be a delight to you, and if you continue faithful, you shall be redeemed with all your Father's house. Amen.

APRIL 7, 1891
A blessing given by G. W. Brimhall, patriarch upon the head of Don Carlos Brimhall, who is the son of Noah Brimhall and Lovina Jones, born May 4th 1868, Oxford, Oneida, Idaho.

Brother Don Carlos, in the name of Jesus Christ I lay my hands upon your head and give you a blessing, for thou art my brother's son and entitled to the blessings and gifts and powers of the Gospel. Thou art the lineage of our father's house Israel, born in the habitations of Ephraim and Manassa. I confer upon you the power of self-government. Thou shalt keep the commandments of the Lord and never fail thy secret peace unto Him. I seal upon you the gift of the Holy Spirit and the attendance of the messengers of peace. When enormous dark clouds and storms conspire against thee, thou shalt stretch forth thy hand lifting up thy voice in the name of the Lord, "Peace be still." Thou shalt be obeyed. The Lord making known unto thee by dreams in the night and visions of the daytime, the works of thy hands and the future walks of thy feet. Ask and it shall be given you whatsoever is in thy heart, and it shall be thine. Thou shalt not go in the path of the transgressor. I seal upon you the health of body and wisdom that thou shalt live long on the earth and not partake of hot or strong drinks into thy body. Thou shalt be strong in faith like unto David, whose strength was greater than the lion and the bear. The Lord revealed unto thee thy wives and children and the habitation of their dwellings, and thou goest up to Zion with them building up the center stake thereof, and receiving blessings. I seal upon thee Eternal Life, to come forth in the First Resurrection and be glorified with the redeemed of the Lord. Amen.

MARCH 8TH 1886
A blessing by L. H. Hatch, Patriarch on the head of Cassius M. Brimhall, son of Noah and Lovina Brimhall, born April 29th 1870.

Cassius, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and by the authority of the Holy Priesthood, I place my hands upon your head and seal upon you a Patriarchal blessing and inasmuch as you will kneel in humility before the Lord, you shall perform a great and good work and obtain wives and raise up a posterity that shall honor the Lord their God. It is your privilege to stand on the earth as the waters cover the great deep. Thou art through the loins of Ephraim, and I seal upon you all the blessings of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. It is your right and privilege to administer in the ordinances of the Priesthood and officiate for your departed dead, that the chain of the Priesthood may be made perfect. I seal upon you a spirit of prophecy and revelation, that you may stand in your lot and place, and with wisdom and in power fill positions of honor and trust and help to build up and redeem the center stake of Zion to have the associations of holy angels. These blessings are given to comfort you when you are bowed down, and if you will be faithful and prayerful and lay aside all your light mindedness, there shall no good thing be withheld from you. You shall have the wealth of this world and be blessed in your basket and store and attain unto a Celestial crown, and your guardian angel shall never forsake you. I seal this blessing upon you in the name of Jesus Christ and by the authority of the Holy Priesthood, even so, Amen.

Cassius M. Brimhall, Scribe.

DECEMBER 23, 1900
A blessing given by Patriarch Noah Brimhall upon the head of Amanda Brimhall, who is the daughter of Noah Brimhall and Lovina Jones, born May 4, 1864.

Amanda, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the authority of the Holy Priesthood, I lay my hands upon your head to give you a Patriarchal Blessing. You are of the lineage of your father's house and of Ephraim, and I bless you with the blessing of life, with the blessing of wisdom, judgement, and decision of character. And in as much as you have kept the faith, I pronounce upon your head all of the blessings of the New and Everlasting Covenant that belongs to you. You shall rejoice in your posterity, and your children shall rise up and call you blessed, and in connection with your husband you shall be the stern of a mighty kingdom that shall have power in the earth over the power of satan. I seal upon you the blessing of faith. I say unto you, be ye comforted. You shall be a worker in Zion and for Zion, and the benefits of the kingdom of God shall be your heritage, and I seal upon you the blessings of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob to come forth in the morning of the First Resurrection and have part in the Redeemer's Kingdom. These blessings I seal upon you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


Tempe, Arizona
Mr. Daniel Kemp

Dear Brother,
We are some disappointed not having received any word or line from you since you left here. We expected you to write when you got home. If you have sent a letter, we did not get it. We think you got home all right, but have forgotten your promise. Now if you have written, write again so that we can have something to answer.

We had a good conference. Brother Talmage was here, also Brother Robertson, as you know. Brother Robertson spoke of you. We are not very well at this time. Old age is telling on us.


Daniel R. Kemp

Dear Brother,
I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines as you are one of my friends of long ago. I guess you would like to hear from your lost brother. I am alive yet, and can see folks live. I can see out of one eye yet, but this is the first writing I have done for a long time.


Tempe, Arizona
April 20, 1913

Daniel R. Kemp

Dear Brother, I am still alive in the head, but my legs go slow and if I try


Nephi Ward, Maricopa County, Arizona
Lines dedicated to Bailey Brimhall, Junior

Bailey Dear Grandson:

As you are young in years and perhaps inconsiderate, let me inform you that the world lies before you with all its allurements of evil and good, and you can use the world and act in this for salvation or damnation. In proportion to your diligence in righteous deed and good works you can be saved, and by your sinful practice you can be damned.

My advice to you, therefore, is to seek the Lord in your youth, that when you get old, you won't depart from Him.

Your father died in full faith of the Gospel, and it is your privilege and duty to continue his work and to stand in his place as a representative of your father's family. In order to do this, you should prepare yourself as fast and as thoroughly as possible for such a great work.

You should be thankful that you had such a man of God for your father. Now go and be faithful and attend to every known duty. Ask the Lord for wisdom and faith to overcome temptation, and He won't turn you away. Pray often in all things and give thanks. This is for you Bailey. Don't, but don't laugh at it nor treat it lightly. May the Lord ever bless you. Amen.

Noah Brimhall

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