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The Missionary Journal
Logan Brimhall




On Columbus Day (Logan Brimhall's Birthday) in 1988, the transcription of this document was started by Logan's Grandson, Richard Logan Brimhall, at what is known today as The B-13 Ranch--Turkey Roost Lane. This site is the general area referred to by Logan in this missionary diary as Turkey Roost Ranch, where he hearded cattle and learned some of life's important lessons as a boy.

This Journal was typed directly from Logan Brimhall's three handwritten Mission Journals primarily by Ivy LaPriel Burnett Brimhall, Richard's wife. She has put in hundreds of hours of work utilizing computers to make this document available the Logan's posperity.

After Logan had written two journals, ending on November 15, 1915, he started a third. In this third journal, however, he re-wrote the first two, leaving out many important events, but also including, and describing in better detail many others events, up through November 14, 1915, after which time he continued on with the record of his mission. We have typed the first two Journals, and then carefully included, every word from the third that was not included in the first two. In order to make it readable, as Logan uses many, lengthly phrases, we have added punctuation and a few articles when they are necessary for the meaning of the text.

This Journal is truly a family scripture and a testimony of Jesus Christ for the Brimhall Family. We can all be thankful for a great man, who obeyed the Lord and kept a journal for us to enjoy and profit from in living our lives on this earth. May it inspire all of us to do the same for our posterity.


If you wish to order additional copies, please write Richard and LaPriel Brimhall at 1038 N. 1000 W. Provo, Utah 84604
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